Healthx Pakistan

Local and International Team

Our team of healthcare professionals has extensive experience in primary health care and patient management

We employ an experienced team of full time doctors, specialists, nutritionists and psychologists who are there for you 24/7 round the year. All our clinical hiring and training is conducted through our centralised & international network of medical experts spread around the globe. All our local Doctors are licensed and approved by the Pakistan Medical Council.



doctor daanayel dilawar

Dr. Daaneyal J. Dilawar

General Practitioner

Dr. Daaneyal is a highly experienced and licensed physician with 5+ years of clinical experience and expansive knowledge in Pediatrics Medicine. He believes that patients deserve to be treated with dignity and acknowledge their value as individuals.

doctor Hareem

Dr. Hareem Riaz

With 6.5+ years of clinical experience and vast knowledge of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Dr. Hareem is an integral part of the Healthx Pakistan team. She is passionate about ensuring that high-quality healthcare is available for everyone

Doctor Sara

Dr. Sarah Ahmed

General Practitioner

Dr. Sarah is a fully licensed general physician with 5+ years of clinical experience. Her areas of interest include Internal and Preventive medicine. Her experience in Intensive care setups makes her a valuable asset for Healthx Pakistan

Doctor Maryam

Ms. Maryam Tariq

Wellness Expert

Ms. Maryam is a Registered Clinical Dietitian with 7+ years of experience in weight management, eating disorders, digestive conditions, and preventive nutrition management for patient with diabetes, heart diseases, hyperlipidemia, and other medical conditions. She believes in disease prevention through diet and nutrition.

Doctor Zainab

Ms. Zainab Ali

Clinical Psychologist

Ms. Zainab Ali is a clinical psychologist who has an extensive experience of working with a variety of populations. She has great expertise in dealing with issues of stress, guilt, grief, relationship conflicts and childhood trauma. She believes in providing non-judgmental and safe space for clients to recognize their strengths, reduce distress and promote growth in life.

Doctor 2

Dr. Shalmali Radha Karnad

Chief Medical Officer (CMO)

Dr. Karnad is a licensed and experienced physician with 15+ years of experience in the UK and Kenya. As CMO, she provides clinical oversight and governance to a team of clinicians and care coordinators ensuring high quality service delivery for preventative, promotive and curative services

Doctor 4

Dr. Martin Makau

Medical Doctor

Dr. Makau is a qualified and experienced general practice physician with 9+ years of experience in the healthcare sector across medical practice and healthcare management in the private and public sector. He is passionate about making high quality healthcare accessible for all

Doctor 5

Dr. Benson Muchiri Karimi

Medical Doctor

Dr. Karimi is a licensed medical doctor with 8+ years of experience across both the private and public sector. Throughout his clinical practice he prides himself on giving definitive care ensuring every patient has comprehensive care