Healthx Pakistan


Healthx, A leading multinational healthcare management company, operating in 6 countries and expanding its presence, with over 1.6 million eligible members worldwide.


Healthx is a global healthcare management company providing high-quality primary healthcare services to all. Our primary function as a healthcare management company in Pakistan is to keep patients healthy and reduce costs for patients and payers. To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer a range of health-care plans. Our progressive delivery model uses technology to provide healthcare services that are convenient for you, whether you need medical assistance at home, in the office, or while travelling.

Our team consists of the best doctors and wellness advisors available online to provide primary-health care services to users. We have a comprehensive healthcare provider list, and our system for speaking with a doctor online is simple and efficient. At Healthx, we believe in providing accessible, affordable, and equitable primary healthcare services to meet the health and wellness needs of our users. With our online service, you can access quality primary healthcare services from the comfort of your home. Choose Healthx, the multinational healthcare company, for your primary healthcare needs.

To re-design the healthcare delivery system in a way that impacts people’s lives positively
Making health and wellness accessible and affordable to all, only one call away
To implement ethical and unbiased care, aligning people and payers under one platform

Quality Healthcare Anywhere, Anytime

We provide a comprehensive healthcare solution for individuals with our 24×7 one-stop-care-destination.
Our services range from preventive care to curative and rehabilitative care, for both healthy individuals and those dealing with acute or chronic illnesses. With multiple entry points, we make it easy to access our services. Our 24×7 Doctor Call Center is always available to provide immediate support and guidance – so you can rest assured that your healthcare needs are covered, regardless of the time of day or your health condition.

When Travelling
Integrated Mobile Application
When at Work
Virtual Clinic
When at the hospital
Healthx’s Hospitalist/Roaming Doctor Program
When at home
Hospital at Home Program


Always do what's right for you
To continuously meet the needs of our users, staff, partners, and investors
To always work with care and a clear purpose
To capitalise on our technology and continue to innovate for you
To continuously focus on your needs